1. For the first shot, position your ball between the starting markers and up to two meters behind the marks

  2. The ball must be played in one movement. Your foot should not accompany the ball. Rolling the ball with the sole is forbidden

  3. Your ball must be easily identifiable

  4. Wait until everyone has played their ball before moving towards the field

  5. Do not play until the ball has completely stopped (it is not allowed to stop a ball pushed by the wind) If the ball is in a hill and has stopped for 5 seconds, yell loud STOP. Once STOP is been call, you will have to play the ball from that area

  6. Follow the order of the scores and wait for your turn to play. The player furthest from the hole will be the first to play

  7. Play the ball where it is. Moving the ball or obstacles (natural obstacle) is forbidden. The only moment when you can move the ball is if you are in front of an obstacle where you can get hurt or a repair is been done on the field.

  8.  In bunkers, the ball must be kicked in one motion, no steps before the kicking is allowed

  9. If the ball falls in the water, collect it and place it two steps behind the portion of the ground from which the ball entered the water, or replace it at the point of the previous shot. In any case, you receive one penalty point

  10. Make sure your shots do not interfere with other players. When approaching a hole or at the request of a partner, put a marker behind your ball before removing it

  11. If you are late, 10 minutes of wait time will be allowed. After the waiting time, 3 strokes per late hole will be added to the scorecard